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Reviewer acknowledgements 2016

The editors and staff of Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation would like to warmly thank the reviewers whose comments helped to shape the journal, for their invaluable assistance with review of manuscripts in 2016.

Thomas Beblo, GermanyChristian Paret, Germany
Beth Brodsky, ColombiaJoel Paris, Canada
Laurence Claes, BelgiumMichelle Patriquin, USA
Sheila Crowell, USAChristopher Perry, Canada
Diana Diamond, USAPaul L. Plener, Germany
Anne Dyer, GermanyEmanuele Preti, Italy
Andrea Fossati, ItalyKathlen Priebe, Germany
Robert Friedel, USABabette Renneberg, Germany
Klaus Hoeschel, GermanyPaul Robinson, UK
Perry Hoffman, USAElsa Ronningstam, USA
Joost Hutsebaut, NetherlandsPhilip Santangelo, Germany
Michael Kaess, GermanyVedat Sar, Turkey
Sigmund Karterud, NorwayIngo Schäfer, Germany
Nikolaus Kleindienst, GermanyCharles Schulz, USA
Annegret Krause-Utz, NetherlandsEdward Selby, USA
Wendy Leopoulos, USADavid Silbersweig, USA
Anita Lungu, USAJoachim Soler, Spain
Lisa Lyssenko, GermanyTim Trull, USA
Shelley Mcmain, CanadaRobert Ursano, USA
Lars Mehlum, NorwayAnnemarie Vn Dijke, Netherlands
Vicenta Navarro-Haro, SpainThomas Widiger, USA
Inga Niedtfeld, GermanyDorina Winter, Germany

Annual Journal Metrics

  • Speed
    49 days to first decision for reviewed manuscripts only
    46 days to first decision for all manuscripts
    124 days from submission to acceptance
    17 days from acceptance to publication

    92 Altmetric Mentions