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Table 1 DSM-5 Dimensional 25-Trait facet model [11, 20, 21]

From: Attachment, Mentalization, and Criterion B of the Alternative DSM-5 Model for Personality Disorders (AMPD)

Alternative Model Domain (Associated FFM Domain) Brief Description Pathological Trait Facets
Negative Affectivity (Neuroticism) Wide range of negative emotions and associated behavioral manifestations experienced frequently, intensely, and at high levels 1. Anxiousness
2. Emotional Lability
3. Hostility
4. Perseveration
5. (Lack of) restricted affectivity
6. Separation insecurity
7. Submissiveness
Detachment (Extraversion) Limited capacity for pleasure, avoidance of socioemotional experience, and withdrawal from others 8. Anhedonia
9. Depressivity
10. Intimacy avoidance
11. Suspiciousness
12. Withdrawal
Antagonism (Agreeableness) Behaviors that put one at odds with others, such as high self-importance, and callous antipathy 13. Attention seeking
14. Callousness
15. Deceitfulness
16. Grandiosity
17. Manipulativeness
Disinhibition (Conscientiousness) Impulsive behaviors driven by need for immediate gratification and without regard for consequences 18. Distractibility
19. Impulsivity
20. Irresponsibility
21. (Lack of) rigid perfectionism
22. Risk taking
Psychoticism (Openness to Experiencea) Odd, eccentric, or unusual behaviors/cognitions 23. Eccentricity
24. Perceptual dysregulation
25. Unusual beliefs/experiences
  1. Note. aMixed findings regarding this link