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Table 2 Overview of characteristics of mentalizing interventions

From: Designing a range of mentalizing interventions for young people using a clinical staging approach to borderline pathology

For whom?Stage 0, 12–13 yearsStage I-II, on average 13–15 yearsStage II-III, on average 15–17 years
StructureLow dosage: Single sessions, coursesMedium dosage: 16 weeks + 6 months boosterHigh dosage: 4 months pre-treatment, 9–12 months intensive treatment, 3–6 months post-treatment
ModalitiesSingle modality: Psycho-education, class sessionsMulti-modality, with accent on individual therapy, but including family sessions, case management, and occasionally medication reviewMulti-modality: Group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, case management, medication review
TeamTrainer, teacherIndividual therapist, team-basedMultidisciplinary team