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Table 4 Means and Standard Deviations for Caregiving-Experience Variables (N = 82)

From: A study comparing the experiences of family and friends of young people with borderline personality disorder features with family and friends of young people with other serious illnesses and general population adults

Measure Mean (SD)
Psychological Distress (K-10) 24.99 (8.83)
Negative Experiences of Caregiving (ECI-N) 104.92 (33.86)
Positive Experiences of Caregiving (ECI-P) 26.98 (7.96)
Task-oriented Coping (CISS-T) 49.87 (10.54)
Emotion-oriented Coping (CISS-E) 42.40 (12.57)
Avoidance-oriented Coping (CISS-A) 38.85 (9.26)
Critical Comments (FQ-CC) 24.70 (6.46)
Emotional Overinvolvement (FQ-EOI) 27.78 (5.80)