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Table 3 Demographic and Diagnostic Characteristics of the Young People with BPD Features (yp-BPD)

From: A study comparing the experiences of family and friends of young people with borderline personality disorder features with family and friends of young people with other serious illnesses and general population adults

Characteristic   Total Sample (N = 54)
Age in years M (SD) 18.76 (3.02)
Female % (n) 75.93 (41)
Young people with 5 DSM-IV BPD criteria % (n) 47.92 (23)
SCID-II PQ BPD total scorea M (SD) 11.96 (2.15)
SCID-II BPD criteriab M (SD) 4.67 (1.21)
Number of concurrent mental state disorders M (SD) 1.74 (0.87)
  1. Note.aScores ranged from 6 to 15; bScores ranged from 3 to 8; M = mean; SD = standard deviation; DSM-IV = Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4th Edition; BPD = borderline personality disorder; SCID-II = Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis II Disorders; PQ = Personality Questionnaire