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Table 2 Parameters of mixed-effects meta-regression on the efficacy of therapeutic interventions as compared to active controls in self-harm, depressive symptoms, and suicidal ideation

From: Does treatment method matter? A meta-analysis of the past 20 years of research on therapeutic interventions for self-harm and suicidal ideation in adolescents

PredictorsSelf-Harm (n = 17)Suicidal Ideation (n = 19)Depressive Symptoms (n = 17)
Treatment Duration (Months)−−
% Females−
R2 (Q)0.00 (0.21)0.00 (0.01)0.00 (1.52)
  1. n number of studies, b unstandardized regression coefficient, SE Standard error of unstandardized regression coefficient. R2 Heterogeneity accounted for by predictors