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Table 4 Hierarchical regression analysis predicting total psychiatric symptoms as an index of general psychiatric severity

From: Borderline personality disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in adolescence: overlap and differences in a clinical setting

Model BStd. ErrorBetatp
1(Constant)50.26912.798 3.928< 0.001
ADHD2.0460.2240.5079.135< 0.001
2(Constant)29.49012.207 2.4160.016
ADHD2.2460.2090.55610.767< 0.001
Gender−0.9612.668−0.020− 0.3600.719
CIBPD1.9250.2930.3606.574< 0.001
  1. ADHD attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, CIBPD childhood interview for borderline personality disorder