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Table 2 Sociodemographic data, diagnoses, and psychotherapeutic treatment

From: Mental images, entrapment and affect in young adults meeting criteria of nonsuicidal self-injury disorder (NSSID) – a daily diary study

Age, y, (SD)24.63 (4.52)
Marital status, percentage (n)
 Relationship57.90 (11)
 Married10.50 (2)
 Single31.60 (6)
Migrant backround, percentage (n)31.60 (6)
Diagnoses mean number, (SD)6.05 (2.46)
Diagnoses in addition to NSSID, percentage (n)
 At least one personality disorder89.47 (17)
 Borderline Personality Disorder78.95 (15)
 Affective Disorders94.73 (18)
  Current MDE47.37 (9)
  Past MDE42.10 (8)
  Bipolar Disorder (currently remitted)5.26 (1)
Psychotherapeutic treatment, percentage (n)31.58 (6)