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Table 1 Initial rater ICCs

From: Borderline personality disorder diagnosis in a new key

BPD CriteriaLPFS ICCsTrait ICCs
Criterion 1 (avoidance of abandonment).94.96
Criterion 2 (unstable relationships).94.93
Criterion 3 (identity disturbance).94.88
Criterion 4 (impulsivity).91.97
Criterion 5 (recurrent suicidal behavior).81.97
Criterion 6 (affective instability).92.98
Criterion 7 (chronic emptiness).95.97
Criterion 8 (intense anger).46.97
Criterion 9 (paranoia/dissociative symptoms).87.96
  1. N = 20 raters. ICC = mean consistency intraclass correlation coefficient, BPD = borderline personality disorder