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Table 2 Effect of psychosocial PS on mother-infant positive dyadic behavior. Results of ANCOVAa

From: Impact of prenatal stress on mother-infant dyadic behavior during the still-face paradigm

Effect IposMpos dyad
F/ (df) p Part. Eta Sq.
Psychosocial PS 4.721 (156) .031 .029
Episode 0.140 (156) .709 .001
Psychosocial PS x episode IA 9.647 (156) .002 .058
  1. aANCOVA was adjusted for gender, maternal age, parity and video setting
  2. Abbreviations: PS: prenatal stress; Part. Eta Sq.: partial Eta-squared; df: degrees of freedom; IA: interaction; IposMpos: Infant positive-mother positive; Ipro-Mpos: Infant protesting-mother positive; IproMneg: Infant protesting-mother negative