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Table 3 Mediational model of the effect of attachment to Peers on borderline features through reflective function

From: The mediating role of mentalizing capacity between parents and peer attachment and adolescent borderline personality disorder

Path Coefficient SE p
Model 1
A. IV IPPA-Peers to Mediator RFQ-Y −.02 .007 .02
B. Mediator RFQ-Y to DV Borderline Features −10.36 1.86 .000
C. Total Effect: IPPA-Peers to Borderline Features .39 .13 .004
C′. Direct Effect: IPPA-Peers to Borderline Features .22 .12 .06
  1. IV Independent Variable. DV Dependent Variable. Coefficient Unstandardized path coefficient. SE Standard error. IPPA-Peers The Inventory of Parent and Peer Attachment - Revised (IPPA-R) for children. RFQ-Y the Reflective Function Questionnaire for Youths (RFQY)