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Fig. 1 | Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation

Fig. 1

From: A pilot open series of lamotrigine in DBT-treated eating disorders characterized by significant affective dysregulation and poor impulse control

Fig. 1

CONSORT Flow Diagram for Lamotrigine Open Trial. Out of 14 enrolled patients, five were discontinued from the trial: one patient stopped lamotrigine after she developed a possible rash, one non-adherent participant reported to psychiatrists several months into the trial that she never started taking lamotrigine, and three were lost to follow up after discharging prematurely from our program. As none of the five discontinued patients completed 60 days of lamotrigine titration, they were excluded from the analysis. The final sample included nine patients who started lamotrigine at UCSD and took the medication for at least 60 days

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