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Table 1 Fit indices of optimal cluster solution

From: Subtypes of borderline personality disorder patients: a cluster-analytic approach

Cluster solution AIC BIC CH S
Two clusters 1144.66 1273.91 24.58 .325a
Three clusters 1068.20 1262.06a 25.24 .313
Four clusters 1043.13 1301.62 24.95 .309
Five clusters 971.74a 1294.85 28.15a .248
  1. AIC Akaike Information Criterion, BIC Schwarz’s Bayesian Information Criterion, CH Calinski-Harabasz Index, and S Silhouettes
  2. aOptimal fit according to this criterion. A better fit of the cluster solution to the data is indicated by higher CH and S scores, and lower AIC and BIC scores