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Table 1 Treatment curricula for both interventions

From: Combining emotion regulation and mindfulness skills for preventing depression relapse: a randomized-controlled study

Condition Week Skills Target problems with
Emotion Regulation + Mindfulness 1 Wise mind, how and what skills Rumination, Depression-related cognitions, emotions and physical sensations
4 Understand emotional process: identify and label emotions Emotional processing
7 Opposite Action Changing emotional expressions/behaviors
9 Accumulate Positives Reduce vulnerability to depression, increase positive reinforcement, increase self-efficacy
10 Build Mastery
Psychoeducation 1 Psychological process of relapse Increase patients’ knowledge about depression, and the mechanisms involved in depressive relapse
2 Recognizing warning signs of depression
3 How habits affect depression (e.g. sleep, food, physical activity)
5 Managing interpersonal conflict