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Fig. 2 | Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation

Fig. 2

From: The role of DSM-5 borderline personality symptomatology and traits in the link between childhood trauma and suicidal risk in psychiatric patients

Fig. 2

Parallel mediation analysis comparing the indirect effect of DSM-5 Section II versus Section III BPD composite scores. Note. N = 124 patients. Bolded values are indirect/mediating effects with standardized effects in parentheses. The a-, b- and c-paths represent regression coefficients. Coefficients marked with an asterisk (*) are significant in terms of 95% bias-corrected confidence intervals that do not contain zero (10,000 bootstrapped samples). c = total effect, c’ = direct effect (when a and b are accounted for). The two mediator variables (i.e., BPD scores) were analyzed simultaneously while controlling for the effect of one another. The contrast between the two BPD measures in terms of mediating effect was -.011*. Estimations were statistically adjusted for age, gender, and educational level

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