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Fig. 1 | Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation

Fig. 1

From: The role of DSM-5 borderline personality symptomatology and traits in the link between childhood trauma and suicidal risk in psychiatric patients

Fig. 1

Mediation analyses of BPD features between Childhood Trauma and Level of Suicidal Risk. Note. N = 124 patients. Bolded values are indirect/mediating effects, with standardized effects in parentheses. The a-, b- and c-paths represent regression coefficients. c = total effect, c’ = direct effect (when a and b are accounted for). All coefficients marked with an asterisk (*) are significant in terms of 95% bias-corrected confidence intervals that do not contain zero (10,000 bootstrapped samples). In mediation model B, all mediator variables (i.e., PID-5 scales) were analyzed simultaneously while controlling for the effect of the other scales. Estimations were statistically adjusted for age, gender, and educational level. a DSM-5 Section II. b DSM-5 Section-III Traits

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