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Table 2 Prompts used in EMA Survey

From: Affect in response to stressors and coping strategies: an ecological momentary assessment study of borderline personality disorder

Category EMA Question Prompt Item
Stressor Since the last prompt, have you… had a disagreement with someone? Disagreement
been rejected by someone? Rejection
been complimented or praised by someone? Compliment
been disappointed by someone? Interpersonal disappointment
felt neglected by someone? Neglect
experienced a loss of some sort? Loss
received good news? Good news
received bad news? Bad news
been reminded of something painful from the past? Painful reminder
Coping Strategy To what degree have you used the following strategies to manage any of the negative thoughts, feelings, or experiences you’ve had since the last prompt? Kept myself busy Keeping busy
Socialized with others Socializing
Focused on positive thoughts Positive thinking
Did something good for myself Doing something good for self
Calmed myself down Calming self
Tried to find perspective Finding perspective
Sat with feelings until they passed Sitting with feelings