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Table 1 Victimization among DD and mixed clinical populations

From: Mental illness and violent behavior: the role of dissociation

Study Data source and timeframe N Homicide Severe assault Any violent crime IPV (physical/sexual) Sexual Assault Diagnoses represented in study
Crisanti et al. (2014) [4]b Adult outpatients at community mental health centers, Hawaii, US, 6-month timeframe 2209 N/A 12.3% N/A N/A Grouped w/severe violence Other psychotic disorder (26.4%)
Other severe mental health disorders (18.9%)
Mood disorders (11.8%)
Schizophrenia (10.1%)
Teplin et al. (2005) [5]a Adult partial day outpatient, full outpatient and inpatient, Illinois, US, 12-month timeframe 936 N/A N/A 25.32% N/A 2.64% Psychotic/major affective disorder (100%)
Webermann et al. (2014) [6]b 94% female outpatients with DID, adult lifetime 275 N/A N/A N/A 26.1% (physical) N/A DID 98%
  1. aSelf-report
  2. bClinician reports