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Table 1 Participants’ feedback

From: “There is not much help for mothers like me”: Parenting Skills for Mothers with Borderline Personality Disorder – a newly developed group training program

Summary of n = 15 written feedbacks
What was especially helpful?
− Role play (because of the specific situations)
− The case examples, to talk about taboos
− Examples for concrete parenting behaviors provided in role plays
− That things were put in a nutshell, not too much homework
− The exchange between the mothers
− The informative teamwork in a small group
− The “togetherness” and the help, to not feel being left alone anymore
− To hear the “extremes” of others; the thought, it could have hit me harder
− The appreciative style
− New knowledge to cope with own feelings and to engage in mindfulness
− Homework: it is hard to do homework assignments on a regular basis, but only by doing things in a daily routine is it possible to change/learn things.
− I am glad I could participate as there is not much help for mothers like me
− I had the feeling of trust and was able to show my weak points.
− It was very helpful to reflect my own behavior and to get feedback from the other participants, to learn from the difficulties of others.
What could be improved?
− Too short
− A few of the mindfulness exercises
− I was embarrassed during the role play
− Too much to read
− I didn’t understand the self-care, was too complicated
− Sometimes I felt overwhelmed and under pressure
Which changes occurred due to the training?
− I freak out less when my daughter escapes
− I have less freak-outs and can better cope with difficult situations; my son registers the changes
− Situation with brushing my kid’s teeth is much better
− I am now able to assert myself in a consequent but compromising way
− I can better cope with stress, play more with my son, and manage daily routine under less pressure.
− I am more consequent, calmer, even when my child is aggressive; I feel less pressure to be perfect
− Better coping with feelings and mindfulness
− I am calmer and more balanced with my child
− I can now detect difficult situations in time, and then I try to remain calm and try to support my child.
− When my son cries I am not as stressed and annoyed anymore.
− I yell less at my children. I am more reflected and mind the feelings of my child. I am less devaluating, more consequent and caring.
− I am more aware of the difficulties in raising my child. And more aware of myself. My child benefits immediately from the things I learned.
− I stopped telling my son that he as a person is annoying. It is only his behavior.
− Not only me but also my child feels better.
Do you have any further comments or suggestions for improvement?
− Good program, interesting and difficult because of extreme insights about my own behavior.
− Exhausting, sometimes sad but also gave strength.
− The sessions where good, sometimes a bit difficult to adapt for a baby.
− Everything was very interesting and important, but the training was too short.
− I learned more in these 12 sessions than in 6 months of therapy. It was a pleasant group and everything was explained well. The information was very easy to implement as it was linked to the child.
− Very informative, the training helped me to be more relaxed with the whole thing of “being a mother”: I feel much better than before and would like to participate again.
− I was satisfied and hope that other mothers will benefit from the training
− I learned a lot about myself and my relationship to my child.
− I learned a lot that I can actually apply.
− One session including older children and explaining to them what the problems of mothers with BPD are would be helpful
− More time for each session; maybe each session twice